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CLR James on Richard Wright's Native Son, and Revolution

Submitted by dalcassian on 23 December, 2015 - 6:34 Author: CLR James

Black Bigger Thomas, native son, stifled by and inwardly rebellious against white America treatment of him, by accident murders a white girl. For him this murder is the beginning of a new life. In striking such a blow against his hated enemies, in the struggle to outwit them and evade capture, his stunted personality finds scope to expand. Before he is sentenced to death, the sincere efforts of two white Communists to save him teach him that all whites are not his enemies, that he is not alone, that there is a solidarity of all the oppressed.

Matt Merrigan on Ireland in Labor Action, 1955-7

Submitted by AWL on 26 June, 2014 - 5:04

Matt Merrigan was a member of the small Irish Trotskyist group in the 1940s, and a socialist all his life. He eventually became president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, and died in 2000. (Click here for a short biography.)

In the mid-50s, for a while, he wrote reports on Ireland for Labor Action, the paper of the Independent Socialist League of Max Shachtman, Hal Draper, and others in the USA.

Independent Socialism and US 'Subversive' Lists: Hal Draper Testifies (1949)

Submitted by dalcassian on 5 January, 2017 - 7:35 Author: Hal Draper

On July 11, 1949, the Board of Regents of New York State held a hearing in Albany for the purpose of determining a list of "subversive organizations" in accordance with the Feinberg Law, passed by the state legislature to bar from the schools any teacher belonging to such an organization.

For or Against The Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba 1961: Max Shachtman Debates Hal Draper

Submitted by AWL on 17 June, 2014 - 6:55

The dispute over attitudes to the "Bay of Pigs" invasion was the first sharp break on a big world-political issue which separated the ageing Max Shachtman from long-time co-thinkers such as Hal Draper and Julius Jacobson.

This pamphlet, published by Draper in May 1961, presents the dispute.

Click here to download pdf (which includes excerpts from the contemporary press not transcribed below, giving factual background on the invasion).

Contents and note

In Memory of Heroes: Warsaw's Three Insurrections During World War II

Submitted by dalcassian on 10 July, 2016 - 7:59 Author: A. RUDZIENSKI

Warsaw belongs to those heroic and
martyrized cities like Stalingrad.
London, Budapest and Berlin that
marked turning points in the war.
But Warsaw is distinguished from
these other cities by this—that the
imperialist war passed through War-
saw at its beginning, at its climax,
and at its end, leaving in its wake
dead and barbarous ruins that have
not been seen since the remote times
of Attila and Genghis Khan.
When Hitler invaded Poland, it was
Warsaw which bore the whole weight

"For a Labor Declaration of Political Independence"

Submitted by dalcassian on 31 July, 2013 - 1:29

Dedicate May Day 1945 to - a new world of socialism!


Working Men and Working Women: This May Day, 1945, arrives at a time when civilization stands on the edge of disaster. The war, rapidly approaching conclusion in Europe and with a swifter than anticipated defeat of Japan in the offing, has shown the dual tendencies in capitalism: its tremendous capacity to create the means of abundance; its equally tremendous capabilities of destruction.

The Price of Isolation for the Russian Workers and their Revolution

Submitted by dalcassian on 15 October, 2013 - 8:45

The world is paying dearly for the isolation of the Russian
Revolution, paying in blood and sweat, and tears and in car-
nage and destruction such as history records nowhere else.
The Bolshevik Revolution of November, 1917, opened up a
new eporh for mankind. It contained, the promise of a life of
security and peace, of abundance and brotherhood, of equality
among men in a world freed of classes and class rule. What no
other social upheaval before it had even dared to hope for, the

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