Workers' Liberty 7, June 1987

Tony Greenstein's first polemic on "Perdition"

Jim Allen is accused of being "vainglorious, boastful" and the campaign against the banning of Perdition is described as being "smart" and "disingenuous" ("The Perdition Affair" by John O'Mahony, WL6). The "Perdition" AffairFar be it from me to accuse John O'Mahony of these sins, despite setting himself up as some form of expert on the subject under discussion. But where O'Mahony is wrong is when he equates freedom of speech for anti-Zionists and socialists with the right of those who disagree with Perdition to campaign for its banning. It's like saying that a film on police violence against...

Sean Matgamna takes a second look at "Perdition"

Tony Greenstein praises and justifies 'Perdition' by pointing to some of those who are against it. That's altogether too crude. Yet it is the normal standard of judgement used by the two-camps left in world politics. The "Perdition" AffairHere, as on everything else, the serious Marxist left needs an independent judgement. On a second reading, I think I was too soft on 'Perdition', much too soft. The factual accuracy of Allen's account of Hungary has been contested on a number of important points. Here I will discuss what Allen makes of what he says are the facts. A 'Hungarian Zionist leader'...

Reviews from Workers' Liberty 7, June 1987

A collection of book and essay reviews from June 1987. Titles and Authors: 'The Truth About AIDS', Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick; Don Milligan 'The End of the Third World', Nigel Harris 'The Making of the Soviet system: Essays in the Social History of Inter-War Russia', Moshe Lewin 'The Development of Capitalism in Africa', John Sender; Shiela Smith 'Lilian Hellman - The Image, the woman', William Wright 'Argentina - From Anarchism to Peronism' Ronaldo Munck, w/ Ricardo Falcon & Bernardo Galitelli 'Hungarian Tragedy', Peter Fryer 'Never the Same Again: Women and the Miners' Strike', Jean Stead Click...

Letters and replies from Workers' Liberty 7, October 1987

Letters and replies sent to Workers' Liberty 7, October 1987: * Zionism, Israel and the play, 'Perdition': Tony Greenstein and John O'Mahony * Not an inch! Geoff Bell replies to Workers' Liberty on Northern Ireland * Kitch-Trots tango: John Alloway on the Workers' Revolutionary Party's (WRP) call for an open conference of Trotskyist Groups. Click here to download pdf.

CLR James: An interview on black politics

C L R James joined the Trotskyist movement in the mid-'30s after coming to Britian from his native Trinidad; later he moved to the US and took part in the discussions with Trotsky published in the pamphlet 'Leon Trotsky on Black Nationalism and Self-Determination'. In this interview James also talks about his contact with James Connolly's daughter Nora, and his work in launching the first agitation for the independence of colonial Africa, in the 1930's, with George Padmore. Click here to download pdf.

Fallen Heros: The City in Thatchers Britian

In Thatcher's Britian the spiv is hero and the profit gouger is king. But, awkwardly for the Tories, the new captains of capitalism keep getting caught up in scandals. Click here to download pdf.

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