Workers' Liberty 31, May 1996

The cultural front

Articles: No quaint period piece (Review of Richard the 3rd by Clive Bradley) Bringing it all back home (Jimmy Roberts on Bob Dylan) Forgotten sounds (Maurice Dunstan) Download PDF


Article by William Morris and other letters on Trainspotting, Ireland, The X Files and Immigration. Download PDF

The Monthly Survey

Articles: The dementia of power (Adam Keller) Royal Mail strike looms Glaisdale: Tories are to blame (William Irons) Rail strikes looming Train crew: strike together! Rail spivs £10 a day pay insult Russian workers are organising! (Bob Arnott & Kirill Bukatov) Social democracy in the '90s (Martin Thomas) Iran's Sham election (Maryam) Download PDF


Articles: Israel and the politics of the last atrocity Italy: 96 and 76 Why poverty grows Download PDF

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