Workers' Liberty 24, September 1995

Everyone's a loser

People in Britain are now spending 5 billion a year on the national lottery Download PDF


Keep the UN out of Bosnia (Adie Kemp) Unfair to Serge (Tony Dale) Any questions please? (Jack Milton) The right side of armed struggle (John McAnulty) Revolutionary History (Sam Levy) Download PDF

In memory of Jo Walker and David Hague

On Sunday the 2nd of July, minibus returning to Lancaster from our Workers' Liberty 95 summer school crashed on the motorway between Preston and Lancaster. We print our impressions of and tributes to David Hague and Jo Walker. Download PDF

The left and Bosnia

click here to download PDF To read Britain's left press on Bosnia, you would think that there must be three different countries with that name. In one, reported by Workers' Press, "the Bosnian people are battling for the "defence of Bosnia" and multi-ethnic democracy against "fascism". This parallels the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9, when General Franco led a fascist revolt against the bourgeois parliamentary regime. In another Bosnia, the one seen by leading figures of the parliamentary left such as Tony Benn and Dennis Skinner, the Bosnian government is a catspaw for aggression by German or...

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