What is Capitalism? Can it Last?


A Book of Readings

Book Cover "What is Capitalism? Can it last?" over a black and white photo of protestors shouting
Cathy Nugent (ed.) and others
Short book
128 pages

Includes: What is capitalist crisis? by Colin Foster; Keynes, the educated bourgeois, by Martin Thomas; What is a workers' government?; The Bolshevik-Trotskyist tradition, by Sean Matgamna; The Minority Movement, by Stan Crooke; The truth about BDS, by Harry Glass; What is the Muslim Brotherhood? by Clive Bradley; Reassessing imperialism; and more. Download text as pdf here.

Table of Contents
  • Fighting the Tories, what next? By Daniel Randall and Martin Thomas
Socialists and Europe
  • Four programmes for the Euro-crisis, by Martin Thomas
  • Open letter to the left: Do you really want the EU to break up?
  • The United States of Europe, by Leon Trotsky
  • Greece: the fight for workers’ control, by Theodora Polenta
  • Who are the Greek left? A briefing
Marxism and the Crisis
  • What is capitalist crisis? By Colin Foster
  • Marx on capitalist crisis.
  • Keynes: the educated bourgeois, by Martin Thomas
Rebuilding the Socialist Movement
  • Fight for a workers’ government. Two articles on Britain and Greece, by Martin Thomas
  • What is the workers’ government? Excerpts from Leon Trotsky
  • Anti-capitalist, pro-what? By Rhodri Evans
  • What is the Bolshevik-Trotskyist tradition? By Sean Matgamna
  • What was the Minority Movement? By Stan Crooke
Issues for the Left
  • The truth about BDS, by Harry Glass
  • What is the Muslim Brotherhood? Two articles by Clive Bradley
  • “Neither plague nor cholera!”: an open letter to the SWP
  • Reassessing imperialism: the case of the Falklands war
  • Building a workers’ “third front” in Iran.
  • Notes from a talk by Maziar Razi
Introduction to Marxism
  • What is capitalism? By Karl Marx
  • The past, present and future of the trade unions, by Karl Marx
  • Why is the left so divided? By Max Shachtman
  • What is socialism? By Frederick Engels

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