Women's Fightback


Issue 26, Autumn/Winter 2021

Cover of Women's Fightback- A protestor holds a sign which says, "they came with flowers, you came with force". Referencing the policing of the Sarah Everard Vigil
28 pages

Women's Fightback is a socialist feminist publication — now published as a magazine — by Workers' Liberty, published a few times a year. Issue 26 focuses on women, violence and the state. It includes articles on sex positive feminism, the Grunwick strike, women's rights in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, abortion rights in Texas, and much more.

Table of Contents

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Feminist ABCs

  • An introduction to socialist feminism, by Kelly Rogers

Gendered violence & State violence

  • If not more police and stiffer sentences, then what will tackle violence against women? by Kelly Rogers
  • Sex-positive feminism isn’t (just) about sex, it’s about power, by Elizabeth Butterworth
  • CMS: Money before women’s safety, by Janine Booth
  • Re-examining society’s stories about rape, by Roxana Fraser
  • Labour Women’s Solidarity with Domestic Violence Refuges, by Janine Booth

Queer politics

  • Why and how trans people exist, work and struggle, by Zack Muddle
  • No Race-Baiting, Red-Baiting, or Queer-Baiting!’ The Marine Cooks and Stewards Union, by Michelle O’Brien

History Long read

  • “We are the lions, Mr Manager” Honour the Grunwick Strike, by Jean Lane


  • Could the online sex trafficking act be the new war on drugs? by Ellie Clarke
  • A new generation of Kyrgyz heroines, by Katie Dollar
  • Educating women, changing mindsets, by Sarah Morgan
  • Support Afghan women against the Taliban, by Jane Evans
  • A Feminsit speaks from inside Kabul, by Mariam, an activist with the Revolutionary Afghan Womens Association (RAWA)
  • Afghan sportswomen abandoned, by Janine Booth
  • Texas and the fragility of reproductive rights in the USA, by Katie Dollar

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