Mueller, Trump, and the Putin connection

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Sergei Mikailov was in for a nasty shock at his works meeting in Moscow in December 2016.

Proceedings started when a bag was placed over his head and he was unceremoniously frog marched out of the room. This was the Lubyanka, and the FSB was cleaning house.

Loose tongues had been wagging about Russian interference in the US Presidential election. Mikhailov, deputy head of the FSB’s cyber security arm, soon found himself facing a secret trial which landed him with 22 years in prison for “treason”.

Three other servants of Putin’s secret state met similar fates.

ISO: the picture from Chicago

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On 19 April, the International Socialist Organization (ISO), previously the largest far-left group in the US, announced it had completed the process of winding itself up.

The decision to dissolve came in the wake of a major controversy over the ISO Steering Committee’s mishandling of a sexual assault allegation in 2013. The row began on 15 March with the publication of a letter from the new ISO Steering Committee elected at the organisation’s national conference in late February.

1919 - Throwing off the shackles of Empire

Submitted by Janine on Sun, 14/04/2019 - 12:45
British soldiers in Egypt

After Britain and its Allies had won the war, proclaiming themselves champions of freedom and democracy, the people of its imperial possessions stepped up their democratic demand for some of that freedom for themselves.


In its largest colony, India, Britain imposed the Rowlatt Act, extending wartime powers of indefinite imprisonment without trial. It prompted anger and rebellion, against both the Act and continuing British rule.

1919: Divided by Racism

Submitted by Janine on Sat, 13/04/2019 - 16:23
Leaflet: "Negroes plan to kill all whites"

While workers were angry and willing to fight, too often their anger was aimed at fellow workers of a different colour rather than at the employers and authorities responsible for their exploitation and poverty. Sometimes this occurred in the absence of socialist political leadership, but on occasion, labour movement misleadership played a poisonous role.

Rebuilding socialism in the US

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capitalism failed

Dan La Botz is a longstanding socialist activist, based in Brooklyn. He is a member of the socialist group Solidarity and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and a co-editor of the independent socialist journal New Politics ( He spoke to Daniel Randall of Solidarity (the Workers’ Liberty newspaper) about prospects for the socialist left in the USA.

DR: How do you think the socialist left should orient to the Bernie Sanders campaign?

Trump, Banks, and Putin

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Trump and Putin

When the Mueller report found no evidence of “collusion” between Trump’s team and Putin, most decent people (and not just “liberals”) were disappointed, while pointing out that Trump had not been “exonerated” (as he claimed) of obstructing justice. Yet the Morning Star (in its editorial of March 26) positively crowed with delight and echoed Trump’s own propaganda:

“After a two-year inquiry, Mueller can find no evidence of collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign team and Putin’s Russia

Dissolution from below

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The US socialist group ISO has now formally dissolved its organisation and stopped publishing on its website In an online vote involving 474 members and some recently resigned ex-members, almost 70% favoured proposals that involved the dissolution of the organisation.

Those who chose to vote also agreed to support “a process for continuing to investigate the 2013 sexual assault case and how a decision then was derailed, and to report the findings publicly.” It is hard to know what this will mean if no organisation continues.

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