Suspended Due To StaticTubeworkerTue, 17/06/2008 - 13:33

Yesterday evening, management's failure to fix the Northern line train radio led to the Edgware branch being suspended.

For years, there has been an intermittent problem with the radio on the Edgware branch, where static become such a problem that it is hard or even impossible to hear messages. Although one-to-one and OPO alarms are OK, it can become impossible for the control room to do a general call that includes the branch.

InterferenceTubeworkerWed, 19/12/2007 - 17:23

So, the marvellous Connect radio system has 'gone live' on the Bakerloo line.

Only problem is: it is affecting the volume of the PA, T-Test and DVA.

Will management ever get this right?!

Communication BreakdownTubeworkerMon, 10/09/2007 - 17:48

With a person on the track near Paddington, a driver was told by the Line Controller to remain at Royal Oak. The driver then got another call on the Connect system - which shows an 8-digit code rather than a caller ID - telling him to reform and giving authority to proceed, which he did.

Fortunately, the Supervisor at Paddington was aware of the situation and held the train there, thus averting a potential tragedy.

Connect? Hello?TubeworkerFri, 08/06/2007 - 15:22

Connect is still causing chaos. The latest is that a DMT at Kings Cross called Victoria line control, but got through to the Met instead! And this is the system we are supposed to rely on for safety-critical messages!

It's Training, But Not As We Know ItTubeworkerFri, 18/05/2007 - 15:03

Even though many of the problems with Connect have still not been resolved, LUL is pressing ahead with training drivers in how the system 'works'.

Only it appears that they are not even doing the training right! You are supposed to get four hours' training on the base set, then another one to two hours on the hand-held radios. So how come some managers feel they can slip this into a TeamTalk session, or give you less than an hour's training at the end of your duty when you've come off your train?!

Con NectTubeworkerThu, 22/02/2007 - 19:13

Maybe you thought that the problems with Connect would have been overcome by now. Think again.

Recently, a driver needed to get the juice off at Upney following a one-under. After three unsuccessful attempts to send a Mayday message to the Controller on Connect, he had to give up and use his personal mobile phone!

How on earth does LUL think it can bring this in across the whole system when this sort of problem persists?

Connect Chaos ContinuesTubeworkerWed, 27/12/2006 - 17:18

And now it's time for ... Connect Phase 2! Oh yes it is.

With barely a pause for breath - let alone a chance to assess the numerous things that have gone wrong so far - management are ready to go full steam ahead.

But hey, why worry about the odd problem? Like, for example ...

Dis-ConnectTubeworkerTue, 24/10/2006 - 16:37

Tubeworker has kept reader informed of the numerous stumbling blocks along the road of Connect. And they continue to stumble.

Five days before the new equipment was due to go live on the District Line, they finally got round to doing operational testing on the road with local health and safety reps. And it all went pear-shaped.

Who Put That Switch There?TubeworkerThu, 21/09/2006 - 14:20

Monday evening, the District Line was suspended for half an hour, H&C and Circle also suspended, and delays continued well into the evening.

The reason? Loss of train radio from Earl's Court. The reason for that? The Connect project had installed a changeover switch on the desk during the night, but not got round to telling anyone who actually works in the Control Room. Unsurprisingly, the switch was accidentally operated.

Connect KitTubeworkerSun, 10/09/2006 - 11:39

Staff at several stations are discovering to their alarm that Connect equipment has mysteriously appeared on their station. At Seven Sisters, AC condenser units on platform 3; at Elephant & Castle, kit with hydrogen-producing batteries in two of the station's rooms.

Naturally, staff have valid safety concerns about this equipment. Safety reps need to be forcefully on the case, ensuring that Connect and LUL have established the correct permissions (unlike at Seven Sisters!), and that they are properly consulted before the equipment is installed.

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