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The 1980s and left antisemitism
WRP discovers world Jewish conspiracy
SJWWed, 30/05/2018 - 11:28

Consider Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party, Al Capone and the US government. They jailed Alphonse Capone, a multiple-murderer gangster, for tax evasion. That was odd, but I think it better they got him for that than that they didn’t get him at all.

So with Ken Livingstone’s separation from the Labour Party on antisemitism. Livingstone has for nearly four decades been a public purveyor of political antisemitism.

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Bastani: why won’t you debate Brexit?
Aaron Bastani
SJWWed, 30/05/2018 - 11:12

Aaron Bastani, co-founder of online news platform Novara Media, has responded to an article in the Guardian on 26 May about calls for a debate on Brexit at the 2018 Labour conference... by trying to witch-hunt the AWL.

The article quotes three anti-Brexit Momentum members in support of the call for a debate.

On Twitter Bastani accuses the AWL of being behind a “plot” with the Labour right to destabilise the Corbyn leadership through a debate on Brexit policy.

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NEC slate debatesSJWWed, 28/03/2018 - 18:58

The decision of the Labour Representation Committee, Grassroots Black Left and Red Labour to challenge the official Centre Left Grassroots Alliance slate for Labour’s National Executive is a tactical mistake.

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TV fictions and AWL reality

Submitted by SJW on 14 March, 2018 - 1:03 Author: Sean Matgamna
United in anti-AWLism: George Galloway and Nigel Farage. Now joined by The Daily Express and Ashok Kumar

An open letter to Ashok Kumar

It’s been said before, and it will bear saying again. If everything published by the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty in the last five decades were to disappear, and if future historians of socialism had to rely on what our political opponents said about us, then the historians would find it impossible to make political sense of the story.

On the one hand we are people who do, and have always done, everything we can to help workers in their struggle against employers and governments. We throw everything we have into that.


Submitted by martin on Tue, 20/03/2018 - 15:04

We sent the open letter to Ashok Kumar, of course, and politely offered him space in Solidarity to reply. He responded:

"I’m not going to dignify your racist-in-chief’s meandering, stream of consciousness whataboutery with a reply especially in light of this: http://www.workersliberty.org/story/2018-03-17/friends-israel-groups-blocked-joining-anti-racist-demonstration".

No evidence. No reasoning. No argument. But that's the way with that school of thought.

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National Policy Forum rowMatthewWed, 28/02/2018 - 12:22

The 17 February meeting of the Labour Party National Policy Forum (NPF) saw a row over electing a new chair.
Created as part of the Blairite process of blocking internal democracy, the NPF substitutes itself for the fully demonstratic policy-making conference that is needed.

Abolition of the NPF as one of the aims of the democracy review would be a welcome step.

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Momentum dominates left slate for NEC electionMatthewWed, 14/02/2018 - 12:12

Momentum has proposed a slate for the elections to the constituency section of Labour’s National Executive, to be held this summer. As we understand it, this slate has also been (narrowly) approved by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance. The first-time additions of Ann Henderson, Huda Elmi and Nav Mishra to the slate do make it the most diverse it has ever been. However, not everyone is happy.

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“The working class is the key”
Iran protest - woman protestor.jpg
MatthewWed, 10/01/2018 - 12:19

Moran Shirin of the Iranian Revolutionary Marxist Tendency spoke to Solidarity.

There were many workers’ protests on Sunday-Monday, 7-8 January.

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Trump in America and the world
MatthewWed, 10/01/2018 - 11:55

On 22 December, US President Donald Trump passed the most significant piece of domestic legislation of his term thus far, the so-called “Tax Cuts and Job Act”.

This tax reform, one of the most sweeping in decades, will cut corporate tax by 15%. The package also includes measures such as lowering taxes on overseas profits.

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'Anti-Zionism’, Antisemitism, and the German New Left
Red Army Faction
cathy nFri, 22/12/2017 - 13:23

During the night of 8/9 November 1969 monuments in West Berlin commemorating victims of Nazi persecution, including one marking the destruction of a synagogue in the city’s Schoneberg district, were vandalised.

“Shalom”, “El Fatah” and “Napalm” were painted on the monuments, in the colours of the Palestinian national flag.

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