Tubeworker, 28 May 2003

Submitted by martin on 29 May, 2003 - 8:42

Tubeworker of 28 May calls for station staff to get better organised across the combine. Attempts to divide workers, infraco against infraco, will probably come in the wake of PPP. The bulletin also brings an update on the fight against the victimisation of Glenroy Watson. Download as pdf: front page and back page.

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Tubeworker on PPP

Submitted by martin on 26 April, 2003 - 9:12

Tubeworker of 25 April 2003 looks at the final introduction of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) on 8 April 2003 in the context of Workers' Memorial Day, 28 April, the day of commemoration for the two million people killed at work around the world each year. It calls for action against the victimisation of union activist Glenroy Watson.
Download here as pdf (36K).

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Tubeworker, 11 April 2003

Submitted by martin on 14 April, 2003 - 1:04

The 11 April 2003 issue of the Tubeworker bulletin calls for solidarity with a fight for democracy in Iraq. It condemns the London Underground bosses' move to charge union activist Glenroy Watson with "gross misconduct" for a routine mishap. And it reviews proposals which the bosses are discussing for the Tube now that PPP is fully installed. Download as two pdfs, front page (30K) and back page (423K).

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Tubeworker says: stop work to stop war

Submitted by martin on 26 February, 2003 - 2:14

The Tubeworker bulletin for 25 February 2003, under the headline "No to war, no to Saddam", calls for industrial action against the planned US/UK war on Iraq. Also in this bulletin: pitfalls with a long-term pay deal; the Central Line safety scandal; London Underground's move to make drivers work longer shifts. Download the bulletin as a pdf here.

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Tubeworker bulletin calls for continued refusal to work

Submitted by martin on 17 November, 2002 - 7:35

The new issue of the Workers' Liberty Tubeworker bulletin reports on Tube workers stopping the job on safety grounds during the first FBU strike, and argues the case for continuing the action during further FBU strikes. Download the bulletin here (pdf, 865K).

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"Tubeworker" says: it is not safe to work without fire cover

Submitted by martin on 27 October, 2002 - 1:52

The new issue of the Workers' Liberty Tubeworker bulletin, downloadable here, says that Tube workers should refuse to operate trains and stations during FBU strikes on grounds of safety.
The unions, RMT and ASLEF, have circulated leaflets informing workers about their rights to refuse to work in what they consider unsafe conditions, but Tubeworker is the only literature circulated to Underground workers making an outright call to refuse.

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Tube workers look for more unity

Submitted by on 7 October, 2002 - 11:11

By a Tube worker

London Underground workers, members of RMT and ASLEF, struck for 24 hours on 24-25 September in pursuit of our pay claim.

Picket lines on the morning of 25 September were strong and confident, and the strike effectively shut down almost the whole system.

Another 24 hour strike is due on 1-2 October, roughly coinciding with the local government unions' London weighting strike on 1 October. Further action is due to be discussed at the RMT's London Regional Council on Thursday 26 September.

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