AWL Conference 2017

Moving forward on 2017 conference decisions

Submitted by martin on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 19:19

Moving forward on 2017 conference decisions - text agreed by six-weekly meeting 06/01/18

The broad picture:

• World-wide, right-wing nationalist currents are on the rise

• They threaten the 1990s-2008 neoliberal regime from the right, but that regime retains much strength

• Britain differs from the pattern in that right-wing nationalist currents are in more disarray here, and the left impulses generated by the 2008 crash and its sequels are stronger

Student document passed on 25/11/17

Submitted by SJW on Wed, 13/12/2017 - 17:45

In the 2015 student fraction document we predicted that “after the Corbyn surge, we can expect that there will be a surge of interest in university Labour Clubs. This interest from leftwing students, who were enthused by Corbyn, may not be automatically or immediately reflected in a surge in membership of Labour Clubs. But it does mean that it will be very easy for Labour Clubs to rapidly recruit large numbers of students. Generally, these will be broadly left-wing students.

Resolution on second round of French Presidential election passed on 25/11/17

Submitted by SJW on Wed, 13/12/2017 - 17:43

The French leftists who advocated a vote for Macron in the second round of the French presidential election - Arguments pour la lutte sociale, Ensemble, (implicitly) the NPA, and even the French Communist Party - were right.

Macron, a standard-issue Blair-Schröder-Renzi-Clinton-type neoliberal semi-cosmopolitan, was a lesser evil than Marine Le Pen, an outright fascist.

Industrial document passed 24/11/17

Submitted by SJW on Wed, 13/12/2017 - 17:41

This year trade union membership suffered the biggest loss since records began, losing 275,000 members down to 6.2 million. 209,000 of those members were in the public sector – and are probably due at least in part to the rapid shrinking of the public sector. This is a significant change from the last period where membership had stabilised.

Other negative trends around trade union membership have continued: two in five trade union members are now over 50, the number of trade union reps is declining and their average age increasing.

Left in disarray document passed 24/11/17

Submitted by SJW on Wed, 13/12/2017 - 17:39

“Tell the truth and shame the devil”

“To face reality squarely; not to seek the line of least resistance; to call things by their right names; to speak the truth, no matter how bitter it may be; not to fear obstacles; to be true in little things as in big ones; to base one’s program on the logic of the class struggle; to be bold when the hour for action arrives – these are the rules” – Leon Trotsky

"Revolutionary ardour in the struggle for socialism is inseparable from intellectual ardour in the struggle for truth" - Leon Trotsky

Recruitment document passed 24/11/17

Submitted by SJW on Wed, 13/12/2017 - 17:32

Last year we wrote that “the reawakening of interest in socialist ideas, or what pass for socialist ideas, which has been born out of Jeremy Corbyn’s election to leader of the Labour Party, has given us a great opportunity. It also, however, puts upon us a great responsibility… Our most crucial responsibility in this period is to persuade the new milieu of our political ideas and to build our organisation.”

Brexit Document passed 24/11/17

Submitted by SJW on Wed, 13/12/2017 - 17:13

In the context of a surge in the fortunes of right-wing and nationalist political parties and movements worldwide, including in France and Germany, the European Union’s ‘twin engine’, it is more important than ever that we promote the internationalist perspectives of the Marxist movement, and assert that the workers have no country.

In the UK, the seeming demise of UKIP masks the fact that the Conservative Party has embraced much of their core values and political agenda.

Summary of Conference 2017 with decisions and committee elections

Submitted by SJW on Mon, 27/11/2017 - 14:18

SOC Report. Vote on size of incoming six-weekly committee.

Proposal on size of NC: MT suggests carry on with 20.

No other proposals; agreed as 20.

Proposal on size of indusrial cttee; GS proposes six plus industrial organiser (was 5 plus organiser last year). Passed.

Neoliberalism – moved by MT
Vote: passed

Recruitment – moved by SI
Left in Disarray – moved by MT
Vote: Left in Disarray – passed
Vote: Recruitment doc – passed

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