Scargill and the Polish ScargillsmartinSun, 17/06/2018 - 18:46

It's as if a giant reversing lens has been placed across Europe. Arthur Scargill denounces the Polish Arthur Scargills. At the same time, the time-servers and bureaucrats of the British labour movement support, in Poland, the same working class militancy that they detest in Britain.

Solidarnosc's programme includes: works managers to be subject to recall by elected workers’ councils; ‘opening the books’ of state economic planning; abolition of the privileges of the bureaucracy; free trade unions and the right to strike. That is not anti-socialist.

Support the Polish socialistsSJWTue, 10/04/2018 - 19:33

On 23 March — the day that has been dubbed “Black Friday”— tens of thousands of predominantly young activists descended on the centres of Poland’s major cities demanding the far-right Law and Justice government drop its plans for abortion reform.

Abortion law in Poland is already one of the most restrictive in the western world. The only exceptions under which a woman can obtain an abortion are in the case of a threat to the mother’s life, severe foetal abnormality or where conception is as a result of a crime (incest and rape).

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