Attack on trade union political action

Submitted by martin on 21 September, 2021 - 7:17
Unite flag outside Parliament

One aspect not covered in the article in Solidarity 606 on the Elections Bill is the specific attack on trade union funding in elections.

A provision in the bill would further restrict campaigning by non-party groups. It would also affect initiatives like Labour for a Socialist Europe (or Vote Leave), but would have a larger impact on the affiliated unions.

It would mean joint campaigns require the declaration of spending by all groups involved, both reducing the total amount available and creating further bureaucracy.

Currently non-party groups are allowed to spend up to £390,000 in an election. TULO, the body that represents the Labour affiliated unions, has said the Elections Bill would limit each union to spending just £30,000.

While what unions spend their money on in elections is a legitimate question — fewer beanie hats and more politics might be a start — this law should be opposed.

Stephen Wood, Southwark

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