Debate and discussion on the Unite general secretary election

Submitted by AWL on 11 May, 2021 - 11:19
Unite GS candidates

Workers' Liberty members and supporters in Unite the Union are debating the upcoming election for a new general secretary - including in the pages of our paper Solidarity. This page will be updated regularly with links to articles and contributions.

At present we have not taken a definitive position as an organisation: see the 20 April article below for an explanation of what we have ruled out and what we see as the basic issues.

If you aren't an AWL supporter, but would like us to publish your views on the election, please feel free to email us:

For wider coverage of struggles by Unite members, Unite campaigns, issues in the union, etc, see here.

Stop Coyne! (by Ann Field, 14 June)
Gary Smith and Eleanor Marx: why calls for union disengagement from politics are not left-wing (by Mohan Sen, 11 June)
As the 7 June deadline approaches (by Dale Street, 1 June)
Unite general secretary election: what's at stake? A response to "No good options" (by Mark Simon, 18 May)
Unite election: a more critical approach needed (by Dale Street, 17 May)
On the Howard Beckett / Priti Patel controversy (by Workers' Liberty Unite members, 15 May)
Why we should support Sharon Graham (by Matt Dunn, 11 May)
Unite election: no good options (by Ollie Moore, on behalf of the AWL, 20 April 2021)
Why we voted McCluskey in 2017

Nomination period: Thursday 6 May 2021 - 7 June 2021
Deadline for receipt of nominations: Wednesday 9 June 2021 at noon
Voting papers dispatched: From 5 July 2021
Deadline for voting papers to be returned to the Independent Scrutineer: Monday 23 August 2021 at noon
Declaration of results: Thursday 26 August 2021

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