Myanmar's workers appeal for solidarity

Submitted by AWL on 6 April, 2021 - 5:38 Author: Mohan Sen
Myanmar democracy protest

On 3 April Myanmar’s Assistance Association for Political Prisoners said that the Burmese security forces have killed 550 people, including 46 children, since the 1 February military coup.

In parts of the country inhabited mainly by the minority Karen people, the coup regime has begun carrying out airstrikes, killing dozens and displacing tens of thousands.

Still, many thousands, including striking workers, continue to protest in the streets across Myanmar.

Corporations with suppliers producing garments in Myanmar have refused to accede to workers’ demands for protection if they continue to support the “Civil Disobedience Movement”. Now it has also emerged that multinational oil and gas companies are continuing to do business with and transferring large amounts of money to the military.

We should support the calls from Myanmar’s democracy and workers’ movements for these companies to break off their dealings with the regime and for governments to act if they will not.

Some governments, including Russia and India, have ostentatiously stood with the junta, while others including the US and UK are more critical but reluctant to cause too much disruption to capital.

For actions you can take to support our sisters and brothers in Myanmar, see here.

Garment workers’ leader Moe Sandar Myint, on the run but continuing to rally protests against the coup, has said:

“In the movement against the military coup the workers participated in the leading role, and they continue to fight for democracy and the country’s future, standing strong against repression... Because the military is fearful of the strength of the workers, they have cracked down on the workers and aggressively killed them. The crackdown is because the military is afraid of workers’ power. Our workers’ movement against the military dictatorship needs support from the public and the international community to stay intact. I urge you all to support us. We must win this revolution.”

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