Victory at BMA

Submitted by AWL on 2 February, 2021 - 4:58 Author: Zack Muddle
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Cleaners outsourced by the British Medical Association have prevented 30 redundancies there.

The cleaners, employed by CWS, were furloughed since the first lockdown, with the BMA topping up the 20% of their salaries not covered by HMRC. In October 2020 the BMA suspended this, citing lost rental and event income. The cleaners’ union CAIWU appealed to CWS to continue the furlough arrangement — costing the company just £1,741. CWS instead dismissed the cleaners from 31 January.

CAIWU’s campaign went public on 26 January, and by the end of next day the BMA had agreed to support continued employment until at least 30 April, instructing CWS to that end. The cleaners’ campaign is now on hold, although they call for BMA in-housing on equal terms from April 31.

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