Kino Eye: American fascism on film

Submitted by AWL on 12 January, 2021 - 10:16 Author: John Cunningham
Edward Norton, American History X

Unsurprisingly, here’s another American film. Tony Kaye’s American History X (1998) features Derek, a committed Nazi, complete with swastika tattoos and membership in the “Disciples of Christ”. He is sentenced to three years for voluntary manslaughter of an African-American. While imprisoned he begins to distrust the “Aryan Brotherhood”, the prisoners’ fascist network. Instead, he befriend’s Lamont, an African-American with whom he works in the prison laundry. On release he finds that his younger brother Danny has become a hard-line Nazi but eventually Derek persuades him to drop his views, causing ructions among their former Nazi friends. The very next day at school Danny is shot by an African-American with whom he had a recent altercation. Derek’s voice-over ends the film as he reads lines from Lincoln’s inaugural address.

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