London protest against Macron's "global security" law

Submitted by martin on 29 November, 2020 - 4:29 Author: Martin Thomas
Securite globale protest

Over 100 people protested in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 29/11/20 against the new "global security" law being pushed by President Macron in France. The demonstration followed on a protest of tens of thousands in Paris on 28/11/20, and many others in other cities.

The law contains a clause to ban the taking and distribution of pictures of police activity if that is judged to prejudice the "physical or psychic integrity" of the cops. It has gone through the lower house of the French Parliament, but not yet the upper house, and following protests Macron says he will consider amendments.

The protesters were mostly younger French people living in London: they were joined by Workers' Liberty and other leftists. There was a heavy police presence, but the cops did not try to prevent or disrupt the protest.

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