Stop slide to No Deal!

Submitted by AWL on 2 September, 2020 - 9:07
British flag comes down

The Tories are tobogganing towards a “no deal” Brexit. Maybe they hope to scare the EU into last-minute concessions, but, on the scale of such things, four months is very short for that. The Tories may think that with everyone distracted by the pandemic and other issues, they can get away with “no deal”, and use the resulting turmoil to push through “disaster capitalism” shock policies.

The social and economic effects of the resulting higher barriers between Britain and Europe, disrupting 50 years of economic knitting-together, and of the shock policies, will hit workers hardest.

Yet Labour and the trade unions are saying almost nothing. Another Europe is Possible has an “Alternative Mandate” campaign, but it’s running cool. Demand Labour and the unions speak out!

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