Left NEC slate: a weak start

Submitted by AWL on 5 August, 2020 - 7:47
Labour NEC vote

The “Centre Left Grassroots Alliance” campaign for Labour’s National Executive Committee, supported by Momentum and other organisations, has launched under the banner “Grassroots Voice” (futureweneed.com).

The front page of the campaign website includes a 180 word political programme. If you’re not paying much attention it reads as left-wing, namechecking various good causes, but what it actually advocates is vague. It says nothing about procedural questions which are crucial particularly for NEC members, e.g. sovereignty of conference, proper reporting of NEC meetings, due process over suspensions and expulsions (the latest report from left members of the NEC says administrative suspensions are at a record level). Nor about wider political demands and struggles.

Local Labour Parties are making nominations between now and 27 September. While supporting nominations for the left slate candidates and for other left candidates like Jermain Jackman, socialists will also argue for left slates to be based first on a clear platform, and query the candidates’ vagueness on many issues.

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