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Submitted by AWL on 12 May, 2020 - 9:20 Author: Lewis Joyes
Momentum Internationalists

Forward Momentum — the organisation set up recently to democratise Momentum — will run its “primaries” between 12 and 16 May: a selection contest for the Forward Momentum slate for the elections to the National Coordinating Group of the big Labour left network Momentum.

The Momentum election will have nominations open between 28 May and 11 June, and voting 16 to 30 June. It is a whole year overdue.

The Forward Momentum primaries are being held in all five Momentum “regions” and the Labour Public Office Holders category. There will be a hustings via Zoom on Thursday 14 May between 6pm and 9pm (after those signed up to Forward Momentum have received their ballot).

Although the broad aim to democratise Momentum should be supported, Forward Momentum have been less clear about what this means, what structures they think a reformed Momentum should adopt, and how they expect to achieve all of this.

Their platform does not commit to an annual conference, the broader politics (beyond democratic demands on Momentum) of those involved are not stated, and they have only set up Forward Momentum as a short-term temporary campaign.

The “Momentum Internationalists” group has committed to campaign within Forward Momentum on a programmatic basis to win places on the Forward Momentum slate. It includes people with a sustained and serious commitment to fighting for socialist ideas in Momentum and our movement, such as those involved in Labour for a Socialist Europe, the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, and Free our Unions.

Our aim is to re-found Momentum as a democratic, internationalist class struggle organisation, and have candidates that are pledged to fight for an annual Momentum conference, to gear momentum to build and bolster strike action, and develop stronger international links within the Labour movement.

Momentum Internationalists are standing candidates in all of the Forward Momentum selection categories, and Solidarity urges all our readers to support them.

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