Articles on the Bernie Sanders campaign, by his London organiser

Submitted by AWL on 23 February, 2020 - 3:21 Author: Eric Lee
Bernie Sanders supporting low-paid strikers

Since October 2019, Solidarity has been carrying weekly articles by Eric Lee, convenor of London for Bernie, the London branch of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

Why Sanders lost (14 April 2020)

Covid-19: Bernie Sanders' six point plan (7 April 2020)

Democrats in disarray as Trump's popularity soars (31 March 2020)

Does America need a socialist party? (25 March 2020)

Sanders' socialist plan for the pandemic (18 March 2020)

Political revolution in the age of pandemics (11 March 2020)

Bernie Sanders' Cuba problem (4 March 2020)

How Sanders wins (26 February 2020)

Nevada: a bump in the road? (19 February 2020)

How can Sanders beat Trump? (12 February 2020)

Sanders and the unions (5 February 2020)

Bernie Sanders, dangerous Trotskyist (29 January 2020)

The Bernie blackout is now over (15 January 2020)

Sanders and Soleimani (8 January 2020)

Sanders, Corbyn and antisemitism (18 December 2019)

Sanders, Debs and the lessons of 1920 (4 December 2019)

Sanders campaign: impeachment, what impeachment? (27 November 2019)

Sanders and Warren: what's the difference? (20 November 2019)

Bernie Sanders is backed by America's Muslims (6 November 2019)

Can Sanders win? (30 October 2019)

Bernie Sanders: the road to Iowa (23 October 2019)

See also:

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Bernie Sanders and socialism (speech by Justine Canady, January 2020)

Socialism for us, not just for the rich (speech by Bernie Sanders, June 2019)

The "strategist-dilettantes" (letter from Stuart Jordan, November 2019)

Sanders, socialists and US politics (interview with Dan La Botz, April 2019)

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