First climate strike of 2020

Submitted by AWL on 12 February, 2020 - 12:04 Author: Misha Zubrowski
Climate strike

February 14 will see the first youth climate strike in the UK in 2020, the first since December’s general election.

Tens of thousands of young people and students, from dozens of locations across the UK, will hit the streets to demand meaningful action on climate change.

Climate change gets more urgent every day that passes, and the necessity of a large and bold climate movement is only more starkly drawn under a strengthened hard-right government led by a climate sceptic. The election has likely dealt a blow to our momentum, but we can rebuild.

We must seek to build the strength, the organisational and democratic depth, the political boldness of the youth climate strikes — advocating for a class-struggle orientation.

These climate strikes also present an opportunity for making steps in environmental organisation at work. Small actions, such as photoshoots or videos, or rallies or delegations to local demonstrations, can create the embryos of further organising.

Beyond the days themselves, union branches should invite climate strikers to meetings, and offer support. These discussions can and should be linked to formulating workplace environmental demands, demands that can be made of our employers, and campaigning around these.

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