Vote Tracy in the NEU!

Submitted by Zac Muddle on 20 November, 2019 - 1:13
Tracy and one other person at a demonstration, with anti-Brexit placards

The election for the Support Staff sector seat on the executive of the NEU is now running and will close on 2 December.

The candidate for the rank-and-file Education Solidarity Network is Workers’ Liberty supporter Tracy McGuire. She is supported by many militant support staff, including the Durham Teaching Assistants’ Value Us campaign.

Tracy says:

  • Support staff should be treated as equal citizens in our Union. That means the NEU fighting for the right to represent and negotiate on behalf of our support staff members at every level.
  • The union should campaign for national pay arrangements for all support staff determined by collective bargaining with trade unions. This means a living wage for all, and a demand for an increase of ÂŁ3 per hour across the board.
  • Defend the rights of EU citizens working and learning in our schools and colleges, and free movement.
  • Campaign to end the toxic High Stakes testing in our primary schools, including baseline testing for four year olds.
  • End the funding crisis in schools, and undo the vicious cuts to SEND provision.

The union must campaign for a fully funded education system and an end to the slashing of support staff jobs.

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