Activists query "fast-track" selections

Submitted by martin on 8 October, 2019 - 6:26 Author: Colin Foster

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According to Labour List (8 October), "a new, fast-tracked parliamentary selection process has been agreed by Labour’s national executive committee (NEC)…

"The NEC [will] draw up long-lists of potential parliamentary candidates... mixed panels – comprised of NEC, regional board and local party representatives – [will] establish shortlists… the final… decision [to be at] selection meetings of Constituency Labour Parties.

"The entire process is intended to be conducted over just seven days".

Many activists are angry that existing selection processes - sometimes for seats vacant since February, when Labour MPs defected to "Change UK" - have been stalled recently.

The delay seems designed to provide "good" reasons for the central Labour machine to dominate the selection process.

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