John Setka and making unions fit for women

Submitted by Janet on 19 September, 2019 - 1:25 Author: Editorial

John Setka’s position as Secretary of the Construction Division of the Victorian CFMMEU should be put up for re-election, so that members can have a say and settle the issue of his fitness for office in light of his abuse of women.
The CFMMEU Executive should call a proper member vote for his position. Setka should resign because of his sexual harassment and abuse.
We utterly oppose government interference in the right of union members to choose their leaders, or to judge John Setka. Neither should socialists, nor the labour movement be pressured into defending sexist abuse, because the government is using the case for its own purposes, to push through more anti-union legislation.
Maybe Setka would be reelected. The CFMMEU members would nonetheless get to consider the unacceptability of sexual abuse and harassment.

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