Extinction Rebellion Lismore and Blockchain video review

Submitted by Janet on 18 September, 2019 - 11:27 Author: Boyd Kellner
ER We can't eat money protest banner

Around 300 people attended a meeting in Lismore organised by Extinction Rebellion in May this year. This by Lismore standards was a large meeting, seeing a cross section of people, professionals, trades people, retirees, alternate lifestylers.
This was indicative of the interest and concern by those attending.
Like many, disillusionment and cynicism of the mainstream institutions of politics and capitalism has brought out people looking at new ways to make positive change to combating climate change. Extinction Rebellion is the latest development on the NSW North Coast, reflecting the long and colourful history of environmental activism.
This has potential for building a movement, and political engagement for democratic, strategic action on many levels.
Extinction Rebellion’s primary focus is non-violent civil disobedience and disruption. To date a few “ die ins" have taken place at Lismore Shopping Centres, with some notable publicity.
These are encouraging first steps, even though it has not translated into any particular demands, other than for politicians to “tell the truth” about climate change.
Extinction Rebellion to date has not engaged more deeply into debating these critical issues.
For analysis of Extinction Rebellion
• Environment: "moral issue", or politics and class? Interview with Extinction Rebellion volunteer
• Rebellion and politics

Tracking emissions with blockchain: a review

By Janet Burstall
Could we audit carbon emissions all the way through the supply chain? Vinay Gupta argues that we could. He opens his presentation with a shot of an Extinction Rebellion banner saying “We can’t eat money. ” The idea that blockchain could be a tool of accounting for carbon emissions is exciting. The idea that capitalist firms could be organised to make this system work is less convincing. It’s a technical solution without political understanding, but nonetheless one that could be put to good use in the hands of a movement for workers’ and consumers’ control.
Merging the Physical and the Digital using blockchains. Vinay Gupta - Oslo Blockchain Day. On YouTube.

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