Harbinger NEU calls for head to be suspended

Submitted by AWL on 29 May, 2019 - 7:31 Author: Dan Rawnsley

School workers at Harbinger Primary school struck on 21-23 May against a bullying head teacher. The strike saw all grades taking part in large picket lines, together with parents, students, and ex-students. Many support staff have joined the National Education Union too.

Since ACAS talks on 24 May, staff have brought forward a new demand for the head teacher to be suspended. A statement from NEU members in the school says that “due to information that has come to light, we believe the appropriate action for the employer to take is to suspend the headteacher pending an urgent disciplinary investigation.”

The statement announces the next day of planned strike action as Thursday 6 June, when NEU members at Harbinger will hold a meeting for parents to ask questions and discuss the dispute.

Speaking to Solidarity, a Harbinger NEU rep said: “The best outcome would be if we can spread this courage and strength among more primary schools and make it so headteachers have to behave to a higher standard.

“We all have the right to stand up for decent treatment and decent working conditions.”

More details, and send messages of support, here.

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