Workers' Socialist Review #1 to #4

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Thanks for this to Sean Robertson and the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).


Workers Socialist Review

No. 1, December 1981

Click to download: Workers Socialist Review 1 December 1981: Capitalist crisis and socialist alternative

Capitalist crisis and socialist alternative

Workers’ Socialist Review

Capitalist crisis and socialist alternative – Bob Sutcliffe


Workers Socialist Review

No. 2, September 1982

Click to download: Workers Socialist Review 2 September 1982: Falklands - whose war?

Falklands – Whose War?


The arithmetic of class struggle

Lebanon: with the PLO against IsraelResolution of the TILC

The struggle in Central AmericaResolution of the TILC



A war where workers could win nothing

Trotsky on war and revolutionary politics

Introduction: Learn to ThinkJackie Cleary

Learn to Think: a friendly suggestion to certain ultra-leftists

On the Sino-Japanese war: a letter to Diego Rivera


The texts and the methodJackie Cleary


Argentina and the world economyBob Sutcliffe


Against neutrality, defend ArgentinaWSL minority tendency

TILC resolutions on Falklands / Malvinas


Martial law in Poland

South Africa: workers against apartheid

Mitterrand and the bourgeoisie

Supplement to WSR 2 on the September 1982 WSL special conference


Workers Socialist Review

No. 3, April / May 1983

Which way forward in the unions?

Click to download: Workers Socialist Review 3 April 1983: Which way forward in the unions?

Unions central to Labour Party struggles

What happened to the steward’s movement?

Public sector under the auctioneers’ hammer

NHS: Lessons of ’82 key to coming struggles

We must organise the rank and file resistance! – an open letter to Socialist Workers’ Party supporters

When is a union not a union? The British labour movement and the Stalinist state ‘unions’

Workers’ politics and national liberation

From the arsenal of Marxism: Leon Trotsky on boom, crisis, and working class struggle

Communists go for ‘bishops and brickies’


Workers Socialist Review

No. 4, Autumn 1984

Back the Miners! General Strike!

The failure of a fusion:

Documents on the expulsion of the Thornett group from the WSL

Click to download: Workers Socialist Review 4 Autumn 1984: Back the miners: general strike! Plus: failure of a fusion


Back the Miners! General Strike!

The expulsion of the Thornett Group from the WSL: A selection of documents

Introduction: Failure of a Fusion

The National Committee’s ultimatum

The Thornett group’s response

The faction ‘dissolves’

The belated cry for unity

The expulsion resolution

‘Worker leadership’ or Marxist politics

The political differences summed up

Dispute on the TUC

The Thornett group’s case

Leninism and sectarianism

For a democratic solution to the communal conflict in Ireland

Afghanistan: USSR Troops Out!

Britain, Argentina: The Enemy at Home

Appendix: The Thornett Group’s Debut

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