What is capitalism? Can it last?

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What is capitalism? Can it last? To buy single copies online for £5 click here.

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As economic crisis deepens, the revolutionary left in Europe needs to reorient politically. What kind of anti-capitalism do we stand for? How can the labour movement rebuild itself?

This book of readings aims to redevelop the Marxist socialist critique of capitalism as the political heart of a revolutionary left project for today.

Fighting the Tories, what next? By Daniel Randall and Martin Thomas

Four programmes for the Euro-crisis. By Martin Thomas
Open letter to the left: Do you really want the EU to break up?
The United States of Europe. By Leon Trotsky
Greece: the fight for workers’ control. By Theodora Polenta
Who are the Greek left? A briefing

What is capitalist crisis? By Colin Foster
Marx on capitalist crisis.
Keynes: the educated bourgeois. By Martin Thomas

Fight for a workers’ government. Two articles on Britain and Greece.
By Martin Thomas
What is the workers’ government? Excerpts from Leon Trotsky
Anti-capitalist, pro-what? By Rhodri Evans
What is the Bolshevik-Trotskyist tradition? By Sean Matgamna
What was the Minority Movement? By Stan Crooke

The truth about BDS. By Harry Glass
What is the Muslim Brotherhood? Two articles by Clive Bradley
“Neither plague nor cholera!”: an open letter to the SWP
Reassessing imperialism: the case of the Falklands war
Building a workers’ “third front” in Iran.
Notes from a talk by Maziar Razi

What is capitalism? By Karl Marx
The past, present and future of the trade unions. By Karl Marx
Why is the left so divided? By Max Shachtman
What is socialism? By Frederick Engels

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