Move fast to defeat the coup against Corbyn

Submitted by AWL on 27 June, 2016 - 12:20

We can defeat the attempted right-wing coup against Jeremy Corbyn if we move fast and with determination.

The conspirators have strength in Parliament (how much exactly, we don't know yet) and a media eager to help them damage Corbyn and the left – but their support among Labour Party members and trade unionists is very limited indeed.

There are various scenarios floating around. The conspirators are trying to bully Corbyn to resign. They could call an election for leadership but they fear to do that because it is likely that Corbyn will be on the ballot paper, and if he was he would win. The key thing is to shape the outcome by taking action.

• Momentum has organised a demonstration to support Corbyn tonight (Monday 27 June) at the House of Commons from 6pm (Facebook event here - ring 07796 690 874 if you want to come with us). Local demos are being organised in a number of cities.

• Momentum and other Labour activists are calling emergency meetings to oppose and plan activity to stop the coup. Organise one in your area. At these meetings move this model resolution on the way forward – see here.

• Sign and circulate the petition on 38 degrees supporting Corbyn, already signed by over 200,000 people - here. And the Momentum statement, signed by almost 50,000, which also helps you email your MP - here.

• Move an emergency motion at your Labour Party branch or CLP (or union branch) – if necessary call or push for an emergency meeting. For a model motion defending Corbyn and arguing to stand firm on migrants' rights and push for the kind of pro-working class policies needed to turn the Brexit tide, see here.

• Defend Corbyn while continuing the political arguments. Fight any accommodation to anti-migrant agitation or for the Labour Party to retreat on freedom of movement – push for a pro-working class agenda on jobs, homes, services, workers' rights, etc, that can begin to really tackle the social distress on which nationalism has fed.

Join and recruit people to the Labour Party! If you haven't yet joined, now is the time to do it. If you've joined but not been active, now is the time to get active. In particular we need more young people and workers joining and active in the party.

If you want help, get in touch:


Submitted by tech admin on Tue, 28/06/2016 - 08:22

Newark CLP passed the following motion last night.

Newark Constituency Labour Party notes and supports recent statements by trade union leaders such as Wendy Nichols (Unison) Dave Ward (CWU) and Len McCluskey (Unite) who have voiced their union's support for Jeremy Corbyn's continued leadership of the Labour Party.

Newark CLP condemns the actions of many shadow cabinet ministers who have resigned at a time when the Parliamentary Labour Party should have had two key priorities in mind:

1) Preparing for an imminent general election

2) Holding the government to account when it opens negotiations to leave the EU

Following tonight's well attended meeting, Newark CLP would like to confirm that it has full confidence in Jeremy Corbyn's leadership following his election with a very clear mandate.

Newark CLP urges the PLP and the NEC to unite strongly at such a critical moment in the history of the Party and the country.

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