Lexiteers and the "liberal left"

Submitted by AWL on 1 April, 2019 - 1:33
Full Brexit

At a rally for “Full Brexit” (a grouping claiming to argue against Brexit from the left) held in London on 26 March, RMT activist Eddie Dempsey spoke from the platform to denounce the betrayal of Leave voters by a left-liberal elite.

Labour for a Socialist Europe published a statement criticising that speech.

Labour MP Clive Lewis shared this statement and publicly criticised Eddie Dempsey. Clive Lewis was then challenged by Marcus Barnet on Twitter. Marcus Barnett is prominent in Young Labour. He is well known for, among other things, strong support for Brexit and opposition to free movement.

Clive Lewis wrote to Barnett – and gave the note to Labour for a Socialist Europe to publish.

An article in the Morning Star (29 March) also defended the remarks made by Eddie Dempsey but by way of inaccuracies and misleading remarks including about Workers' Liberty. That article has now been taken down, but we have publish the text here. A copy of the response we sent to them (unpublished by them) is here.

Since then there has been a small storm on the internet. We comment here on how some have chosen to defend Dempsey.

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