For dyslexic readers

Submitted by martin on 20 February, 2019 - 6:20

We can send dyslexic (and other) readers a Kindle version of each week's Solidarity.

You need to tell us where to send that Kindle version.

To do that, send an email to telling us the send-to e-address for your Kindle.

(Click here for an explanation of what the send-to e-address for your Kindle is).

You also need to tell your Kindle to accept documents sent from

To do that add the e-address to your “approved personal document email list” by clicking here for instructions.

We can send epub versions, too, if requested.

With an e-reader, the user can choose to convert the text of the paper into single columns, large type, sans-serif font, wide line-spacing, and a completely uncluttered layout.

We’ve been looking at ways to make our newspaper, Solidarity, more accessible to dyslexic readers.

The British Dyslexia Association has a style guide, but it is geared to material such as instruction leaflets and short manuals. It says, for example, flatly: “Avoid multiple columns (as used in newspapers)”.

One workable thing which may help, however, is producing an e-reader version of the paper.

Also, click here for an experimental audioversion of the paper.

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