Workers' Liberty 55, April 1999

Submitted by AWL on 17 July, 2005 - 1:58

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Commentary: Who will save the Kosovars?

Commentary: The story of Yugoslavia

Diary: Kosova at NUT conference by Patrick Murphy

The cover story: The left and the Serb-Kosova conflict by John Nihill

The cover story: The reality in Kosova by Irfan Ramaxhiku

Briefing: The national question in Yugoslavia by Barry Finger

Survey: Will the Good Friday Agreement collapse? by Rosalind Robson

Survey: A letter from Israel: Netanyahu out! by Adam Keller

Platform: Toward a realignment of Israeli politics by Eric Lee

Dialogue: Do we need a rank and file movement? by Gerry Bates and Greg Tucker

The cultural front: The man who made Spartacus by Clive Bradley

Letter to readers: What is Marxism for? by Sean Matgamna

Our History: Remaking socialism: part one by Boris Souvarine

Ideas: Getting to grips with post-modernism by Tony Brown

Debate: Left unity and the state of Marxist theory by Clive Bradley and Torab

Forum: A tale of organisational jealousy; resigning from Labour

Review: Trotskyism after Trotsky? C'est moi! by Paul Hampton

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