Workers' Liberty 53, February 1999

Submitted by AWL on 17 July, 2005 - 2:08

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A letter to readers from Sean Matgamna

Commentary: Militancy pays; Kosova; Europe and the left

Survey: Ireland - Will the Agreement hold? by Sean Matgamna

Survey: Sex, lies and videotape by Barry Finger

Survey: Tribunes of the people?, from Lutte de Classe

Survey: The "three Ls" of charlatanryby Chris Reynolds

Diary: Uniting the left?by Martin Thomas

Debate: The socialist answer to the euro

Europe: All together in France by Joan Trevor

Technology: Workers and the Internet by Eric Lee

Our History: Germany, 1918-19 - the revolution betrayed by Stan Crooke

Our History: Luxemburg and Liebknecht on the voting for war credits

Our History: Class struggle is the slogan of the day by Karl Liebknecht

Review: Penetrating but unsound by Al Richardson

The Cultural Front: The poor people's poet by Cathy Nugent

Forum: Left unity, Israel, the Bolsheviks, Livingstone

Reviews: Sidney Hook, globalisation, Afghanistan, Jesus, Wall Street

Socialist Feminism: Two worlds of women by Cath Fletcher

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