On the streets against Brexit

Submitted by AWL on 23 January, 2019 - 9:19

Ralph Peters writes: On 16 January, 30 supporters of Another Europe Is Possible and Labour for
a Socialist Europe took to the cold streets of Nottingham at rush hour to protest against Brexit.

We called for a General Election and a referendum to stop Brexit.

We met a number of activists that we hadn’t seen since the demobilisation of the local Momentum group,
and spoke to dozens of new people keen to get involved, including many migrant workers.

Everywhere we go we find new people wanting to get involved in the campaign against Brexit.

We expect many new people at our next meeting with Alan Simpson, former Nottingham South MP and
now an adviser on climate change for the Labour leadership, and Ana Oppenheim, Polish socialist and from
Labour for a Socialist Europe.

We will be organising more street stalls and protests in the weeks ahead.


Michael Elms writes: Supporters of Labour for a Socialist Europe, the socialist anti-Brexit
network of Labour Party members, took to the streets in Sheffield on Saturday 19 January.

We got a good response from passers­by, with dozens signing up to our mailing list. I was struck by the
fact that most of those who came to the stall to express support were older white working­class Labour
Party members.

Labour for a Socialist Europe will hold a meeting in Sheffield on Sunday 27 January.

On 15 January, about 50 people joined an anti­Brexit street protest in Sheffield.

It was a mix, Lib­ Dem, Green and Labour. All EU flags and the Ode to Joy until we got out our Labour for
a Socialist Europe placards.

We did well with Solidarity and leaflets for our public meeting, and I got about a dozen Labour members
signed up to the L4SE mailing list. The presence of our slogans deeply upset the Lib ­Dem parliamentary
candidate there, so it was worth it if only for that.


Luke Hardy adds: There were about 70 people on a Leeds For Europe demo on 15 January.

They included Greens, Lib ­Dems, and a few Labour people. There were only five on a Lexiteer protest
called by Leeds TUC for the same time.

Labour for a Socialist Europe and AEIP stuff went down well.


On 15 January, Labour for a Socialist Europe went to the protest outside Parliament with its own

The big crowd was mostly Lib­ Dem­-minded, but we registered a working­-class socialist presence.

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