Far right in Leeds

Submitted by AWL on 23 January, 2019 - 9:15 Author: Luke Hardy
leeds yellow vests

The far right organised a “Yellow Vest” pro-Brexit demo in Leeds on 19 January.

Since it was also a RMT strike day on Northern Trains, a special effort was made by the Leeds labour movement to turn out for the city centre picket.

In Manchester recently, fascists on a “yellow vest” demo abused and threatened a picket line.

About 100 turned out to back the RMT: Labour people, various flavours of socialists, Momentum, Young Labour, and Leeds Anti Fascist Network.

A couple of fascists turned up to jeer and film, but the main yellow vest group stayed clear.

The far ­right protest was called by Antifa Public Watch, the same people who tried to break up a Socialist Party meeting in Leeds on 7 January. Their demands paid some lip service to economic issues, but were classic fascist: “close the borders”, “put British people before migrants”, oppose the “globalists”.

There were about 180 of them. There was a neo-­Nazi British Movement flag and some of the marchers threw Nazi salutes.

Videos show them jeering at BAME police officers and threatening shop workers who opposed them.

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