Another Europe's conference: what we think

Submitted by kellyjaderogers on 15 November, 2018 - 1:12 Author: Kelly Rogers
Worker's Liberty placard that reads "Remain and Rebel for a socialist Europe".

On 8 December Another Europe is Possible is hosting a democratic conference, where members will be debating and voting on documents relating to the organisation's structures and strategy. With Brexit round the corner, continued division in the Tory Party and the Labour Party, at the moment, just standing aside - it is more important than ever that the left builds a strong, grassroots campaign against Brexit, with positive demands for free movement and workers' rights, and a vision for a socialist Europe at its heart.

Workers' Liberty will be attending the conference, and we encourage all socialists to attend and join the campaign to stop Brexit. These are our thoughts on what should happen at Another Europe's conference.

1. We should campaign upfront for free movement and the general lowering of borders as central to our positive case against Brexit. That idea should be central in all campaigning, including at high points.

2. We should recognise that Labour Party policy at present is committed to supporting Brexit (in a shape vaguely indicated to be less damaging than what the Tories are negotiating) and to restricting free movement. We should campaign explicitly to change Labour Party policy to one of stopping Brexit.

3. Our "other Europe" is a Europe of cross-border solidarity and unity of the working class and of the oppressed; of Europe-wide democracy; of social levelling-up; of cross-continent democratic and social control over industry and finance; in short, a working-class socialist Europe. We fight Brexit in order to retain and secure the broadest terrain for class struggle to achieve those aims.

4. AEIP should elect a committee by methods ensuring that the committee is broadly in line with the policies and preferences voted for at conference. Thus, the majority of the committee should be elected at conference, and the total voting weight on the committee allocated to delegates from affiliates, added after conference, should be limited to a minority.

5. AEIP should encourage and support the development of local Left Against Brexit activist groups, which will do public campaigning (stalls, door-knocking), organise public debates, send speakers to and promote motions in local trade-union and Labour Party bodies, etc. These Left Against Brexit groups should have autonomy in their own local activity, and be able to link together autonomously to coordinate some of their activities across their country.

6. AEIP conference is a unique opportunity for activists from across the country to meet and thrash out an agreed policy and direction. Most of its time should be given over to that work, rather than to panels of "big name" speakers or workshop sessions. The substantive discussion on policy and structure should be the main purpose of the day.

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