Workers' Liberty summer camp (West Yorkshire, 10-12 August 2018)

Submitted by AWL on 7 July, 2011 - 2:40
 We'll be camping in the hills above Todmorden

Come and join our now-legendary annual socialist summer getaway above Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. This is the seventh year we've run the camp; it's always great fun.

This will be a long weekend of music, campfires, food, drink, socialist discussions, workshops, tree climbing, and arsing about in the great outdoors - organised by the socialist group Workers' Liberty, but open to all!

NB we will be sleeping inside a building, a big farmhouse and barn, though there is also room for camping if you want to bring a tent.

Facebook event here

Tickets - which include food for the weekend but not booze - are £20 school/college students or unemployed; £25 low-waged; £35 waged. They'll get a bit more expensive after 1 August.

You can book tickets on Eventbrite here.

Height Gate is near Hebden Bridge station, which you can get to from Manchester, Leeds and Halifax. It's a short bus ride to the hill Height Gate is on top of; we'll also be running fairly regular pick ups from the station on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
We'll have a 4x4 to take people up the hill at regular points.
There will be at least two cars driving up from London.

If you want more information about travel, or have any other queries or suggestions, get in touch.


Submitted by AWL on Thu, 18/07/2013 - 10:06

Things to bring:

1) it's up a hill, in the countryside, so bring shoes you can walk up a hill in. Bring a waterproof jacket.

2) You'll need a sleeping bag/blanket, pillow and a roll-mat.

3) Not a tent, unless you specifically prefer to sleep in a tent. There is sleeping space for everyone inside the farmhouse. There are, however, no beds. There are spaces for tents outside, but not for lots.

4) There is a shower, so if you want to wash using that rather than using moss and rainwater, bring a towel, soap etc.

5) A torch is often useful in survival situations.

6) Bring fun items if you like fun. Like, musical instruments, a frisbee, a football, kites, and so on.

7) There is no internet in the farmhouse. It is a farmhouse. This is a camp. But there is electricity, so do bring a phone charger.

Getting to Height Gate is easy.

Look at this Google map.

In order to get to Height Gate it is necessary to go up a road called Stoodley Glen, which is halfway between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden and takes you off the main road and over a road-bridge, to the start of an uphill dirt track. Height Gate is at the top of the hill which Stoodley Glen and the dirt track lead to. Stoodley Glen starts just a bit down the road from the EastWood Bus Stop, which you can get to by taking the bus from Hebden Bridge in the Todmorden direction.

My number is: 07775 763 750. It is the contact number for the weekend. Upon arriving in Hebden Bridge, call/text it and let us know you’re on your way up.

We’ll also be running some lifts from the station to the bottom of the hill. But there won’t be many of these because we’ll only have one driver and he is human, all too human, so try to use public transport instead.

If you are a cyclist, good for you! A cyclist writes: “The Leeds-Manchester via Hebden Bridge railway accepts bikes without booking. The A646 is a flat-ish albeit busy road, but there is a canal towpath from Hebden Bridge if you prefer that sort of thing. The climb up to Height Gate is 98meters over 1.5km with an average gradient of 8.5%”

These are the instructions from the Height Gate website:
Public transport
Both Hebden Bridge and Todmorden have railway stations on the Manchester-Leeds line, and buses run regularly along the A646 between the two towns. Get off at the Eastwood bus stop.

To reach Height Gate from the layby, walk in the Todmorden direction for about 100 metres, turn down Stoodley Glen between the houses, and follow the tarmac road over the canal to the gate at the bottom of the farm track, signposted Height Gate. Follow the winding track up hill, eventually levelling out to pass a farmhouse on the left. Height Gate is the building with prominent white lime pointing at the end of the stretch of straight track in front of you

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