London Momentum meets

Submitted by SJW on 6 June, 2018 - 3:09 Author: Will Sefton

About 50 people came to the London regional Momentum meeting on 2 June. A bigger turnout then the previous meeting and with people attending from more local groups then previously.

The meeting was able to discuss a range of experiences from different groups as well as a useful and informative discussion as to how to build a successful profile on social media.

Members of Lewisham raised the issue of democracy and the response of the national office to the attempted breakaway AGM. Others talked about the challenges of engaging more young people and organising in CLPs particularly when they are dominated by the right.

Following the success of the Reimagining Local Government conference, there were proposals to organise an event similar to The World Transformed. Discussions on some of the more contentious issues in the movement like the position Labour should take on Brexit and antisemitism were also taken up and it was suggested that in future these are discussed at meetings.

The initiative to hold these meetings comes entirely from local groups following the complete shutdown of regional structures in the Momentum coup of January 2017.

The increase in interest for the meetings is a positive step for the rejuvenation of the regional structures and should be followed by other regions starting up their own meetings.

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