Macron struggle boosts Fête

Submitted by SJW on 22 May, 2018 - 7:36 Author: Michael Elms
Macron struggle boosts Fête

Over the long Whit weekend of 19-21 May, the French socialist group Lutte Ouvrière holds their annual festival, the Fête de Lutte Ouvrière.

In the context of the massive strike movement sweeping France as workers and students struggle against President Macron’s wide-ranging anti-social reforms, this year the Fête was larger than usual.

Tens of thousands of socialists, workers and students came to enjoy delicious food (from oysters to snails to West African maafe to Tunisian brik), live music, talks, science exhibitions, a medieval village, climbing walls, fireworks and more over three days.

As we do every year, supporters and friends of Workers’ Liberty visited the Fête, and held a stall, selling literature and talking to socialists from all over the world.
We also held a forum on the historical roots of “left” antisemitism and the problems it poses for the British left.

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