What was the Stalinist USSR? A Marxist debate

Submitted by martin on 10 February, 2007 - 12:33

The main viewpoints summarised: contributions by Martin Thomas and Sean Matgamna from Workers' Liberty 16; by Martin Thomas from Workers' Liberty 43; by Tom Rigby from Workers' Liberty 45.

The USSR was not state-capitalist, by Roger Clarke (WL44)
Cliff's 'state capitalism' in perspective, by Sean Matgamna (WL 56)
The USSR and non-linear capitalism, by Martin Thomas (WL59)
Stalinism in theory and history, by Pablo Velasco
A debate between Raya Dunayevskaya and Max Shachtman, from 1947, with an introduction by Chris Ford
Review articles by Paresh Chattopadhyay and Martin Thomas on the book Class Theory and History: Capitalism and Communism in the USSR, by Stephen Resnick and Richard Wolff (Historical Materialism, Volume 14, Number 1, 2006)
Three traditions: Marxism and the USSR, by Martin Thomas (Historical Materialism, Volume 14, Number 3, 2006)

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