What "balancing the budget" means

Submitted by martin on 21 June, 2016 - 5:33 Author: Martin Thomas

"Crikey, had a great 'win' last week which sent some parents into a storm", boasted Mark Small on Twitter in mid-June.

His firm is a contractor which is paid by local councils to fight parents' claims to get Special Educational Needs provision for their children. As the Guardian puts it, "its success rests on its ability to help cash-strapped local authorities cut the costs of SEN provision".

It also sells training to council officials to help them minimise SEN provision.

In the storm which erupted after Small's tweet, several councils felt obliged to end their contracts with him, and a parents' group said it had found that a "confrontational, aggressive, disrespectful attitude to parents is commonplace".

That is the sort of society that George Osborne's cuts regime creates.

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