What AWL members do

Submitted by Anon on 5 March, 2006 - 12:34

"The emancipation of the proletariat is not a labour of small account and of little people: only they who can keep their heart strong and their will as sharp as a sword when the general disillusionment is at its worst can be regarded as fighters for the working class or called revolutionaries"

Antonio Gramsci.

An activist - or member - of the AWL is expected to:
guarantee a regular minimum of participation at AWL meetings (e.g. weekly branch meetings) and public activities (e.g. paper sales, street stalls, distribution of workplace bulletins).

  • educate themselves politically; take part in our study courses and events like our summer school and annual conference; take an active part in the debate and decision-making inside the AWL.
  • be active in the trade union at their workplace; promote the organisation and basic politics of the AWL in the labour movement; and accept the democratic, collective discipline of the organisation in that work.
  • sell AWL's publications (on the streets; door to door; in workplaces, colleges, and meetings).
  • persuade others to join AWL.
  • pay regular financial contributions to the organisation.

We invite people who support our main ideas but are not yet ready to commit themselves as activists to be sympathisers. A sympathiser pays a regular financial contribution and takes the AWL's publications. Beyond that it varies. Some sympathisers do as much as full members do (only they are not yet ready to sign up to continue doing that regularly); others do very little but help financially.

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