Welcome to globalisation: No Sweat Conference 2003

Submitted by Anon on 26 November, 2003 - 11:48

Saturday 29-Sunday 30 November

University of Sheffield Students' Union

Read on for the full programme...

12-12.45 Registration
Plus film showing - Harvard Living Wage Sit-in

12.45-1.30 Welcome
Alice Nutter (Chumbawamba), Neil Kearney (ITLGWU), Mick Duncan from No Sweat, John Moloney (PCS union) and Sheffield Uni Students' Union

* Film showing: "Maquila" (No Sweat & Indymedia); discussion led by Alice Nutter
* Organising across national boundaries: Neil Kearney, ITLGWU and Martin Smith, GMB London
* Sweatshops and the Olympics: Chantal, Labour Behind the Label

* Sweatshops in Haiti: video & discussion, Charles from the Haiti Support Group
* The future for the workers' movement after the War in Iraq: Moayad Ahmed
* American Students Take on the Sweatshops: with Marvin, National Organiser USAS

* Coca Cola and union-busting in Colombia: Luis Eduardo Garcia of SINALTRAINAL
* The World Bank and IMF explained: Catherine Fisher, Bretton Woods Project
* Resisting Sweatshops in the Field: the Californian Experience in the 1960s with Alan Johnson

5.45-6 Thanks
Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary and Marvin, National Organiser, USAS.
Saturday evening
social with Bar the Shouting
Crash accommodation available

11-11.20 Registration

* Getting your campaign going: showing of Not This Time and discussion led by Tim Jones and Colin Chalmers of Simon Jones Campaign
* Making Meetings Work: Kathy Johnson, Durham University Students Against Sweatshops and No Sweat

* Cyber-campaigning: Nick Holden, No Sweat
* Building a college group: Marvin (USAS) and People and Planet

* Where does your merchandise come from: researching companies, Corporate Watch
* Direct Action Techniques: DSEI activists

2.30-3 Thanks
Marvin, USAS & No Sweat


Phone 07904 431 959

Or email admin@nosweat.org.uk

2 days: £9 waged and £5 unwaged/students
1 day: £6/£3
Discounts for booking more than 4 tickets in one group, contact No Sweat for more details

No Sweat, PO Box 36707, London SW9 8YA
www.nosweat.org.uk admin@nosweat.org.uk tel. 07904 431959

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