We stand for workers' liberty: contents

Submitted by Anon on 8 February, 2006 - 9:46

Online contents page for the pamphlet 'We stand for workers' liberty'. To view a study guide for the pamphlet, click here

Chapter 1: What is the Alliance for Workers' Liberty?

Plus: Who was Karl Marx?; What we do — the anti-union laws; What AWL members do; Who was Leon Trotsky?

Chapter 2: FAQ: The lies against socialism answered

Plus: Workers against Stalinism — Poland 1980-81; Who was Joseph Stalin?; Who was Che Guevara?

Chapter 3: The socialism we fight for

Plus: Who was Lenin? Who was Rosa Luxemburg?; Trotskyist martyrs; Help build No Sweat; Who was Antoinette Konikow?

Chapter 4: Why the working class is the key

Plus: Capitalism is destroying our planet; What we do in the workplaces and unions

Chapter 5: Can the labour movement be transformed?

Plus: What we do — the Labour Representation Committee; Respect — a terrible blind alley; South Africa — workers against apartheid; Who was Eleanor Marx?; Fight for a workers’ government

Chapter 6: Festival of the oppressed

Plus: Women’s Fightback

; How to fight fascism; Who was August Bebel?

Chapter 7: Imperialism, nationalism and war

Plus: Lenin on the national question; Afghanistan; Who was Ta Thu Thau?; Solidarity with Iraqi workers; Israel-Palestine: two nations, two states; Who is Yanar Mohammed?; For a United Workers’ Europe! Against British nationalism!; Ireland

Chapter 8: Why is workers’ revolution necessary?

Plus: Who was Clara Zetkin?;Iran

Chapter 9: Why is a revolutionary party necessary?

Plus: Three fronts of the class struggle; Political Islam

Chapter 10: Marxism — what sort of Marxism?

Plus: Who was Louise Michel?; Marxism and anarchism; Who was James P Cannon?; Who was Max Shachtman? Who was Hal Draper?

Chapter 11: The AWL’s history and tradition

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