The third pole: Appeal by the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq

Submitted by Anon on 27 April, 2004 - 8:59

The Iraqi cities have become a battlefield for the two terrorist and anti-human forces of our time. The two poles of this new terrorist war are US terrorism and militarism on the one hand and the terrorism of political Islam on the other. In an attempt to impose its military hegemony on the world, America launched a destructive war against Iraq and destroyed the basis of civility in this country and drove it to the verge of a very grim scenario. By establishing the state on the basis of sects and ethnicities, the US has empowered Islamic and ethnocentric forces, and thus has prepared the ground for a sectarian and ethnic war.
Political Islam, which seeks to perpetuate human bondage and absolute rightlessness, has capitalised on America's terrorism and taken advantage of people's demand for the US forces to leave Iraq. Thus, through demagoguery, it has been able to win over certain segments of people. However, not only these two poles exist; there is a third alternative with a program for the liberation of the society which seeks to negate the influence of both poles in this terrorist war. The Worker-Communist Party of Iraq and the civilised and freedom loving people of Iraq form this third pole which struggles to achieve security, freedom, prosperity, secularism and universal human rights.

In order to bring an end to the current catastrophic situation and prevent further deterioration and disintegration of the society and as a way to organise civility in Iraq, the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq announces the outline of its alternative and struggles to achieve it.

Formation of a provisional government from the representatives of people in Iraq to provide security, freedom and to normalise life.

This provisional government should provide a suitable situation for the Iraqi people so that they can decide freely and consciously on the future regime in Iraq. In this regard, the following must be achieved:

  • Withdrawal of the US and its allied troops as the major source of insecurity.
  • A provisional government in cooperation with multinational forces, excluding America and its war allies, should provide security and order in the country.
  • Securing a decent life for all citizens
  • Separation of religion from the state and education
  • Full equality between women and men
  • Full equality of all residents of the country regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sect and race.
  • Recognising the right of the people of Kurdistan to decide in a free referendum to stay as part of Iraq or to separate and build an independent state.
  • Full and unconditional political freedom, freedom of belief, expression, criticism, and freedom to organise and protest for all citizens.

The Worker-Communist Party of Iraq calls on all civilised, freedom loving, humanist and progressive people, socialist and labour forces to actively intervene in Iraq and along with the people of Iraq to stand against both poles of terrorism and their war and to strongly support the third pole and its liberationist alternative.

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