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Submitted by AWL on 27 September, 2004 - 10:20

More, from the participants, on the recent departures from the CPGB/WW.

Ian Donovan, a former member of the Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB/WW, and a co-thinker, Andy Hannah, have published statements explaining their recent decision to leave the CPGB as a response to the "political agenda" of Manny Neira - who recently left the CPGB in the opposite political direction - "unity - on the ideological rapprochement - with the social-imperialist, Zionist AWL. Unfortunately, the CPGB leadership is too confusionist and has drunk too deeply from the Shachtman-Draper well to put up any real fight against this".

Read the whole text here.

See also the Weekly Worker's account of Manny Neira's split. As far as I know (I stand to be corrected) the Weekly Worker has not yet published a statement on Ian Donovan's departure.

Manny Neira and his co-thinkers have founded the Red Party. So far they seem unforthcoming about "unity with the AWL", but preferring to maintain their own tiny group on the basis that it is the only one that is really for general unity of the whole left. But we shall see.

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