Support grows for civil service unionist

Submitted by AWL on 15 August, 2004 - 12:00

By a civil servant

Charlie MacDonald, an activist in the civil service union PCS, has received a "disciplinary minute", a formal disciplinary charge letter, setting out three charges of serious misconduct relating to the pay dispute in the Department of Works and Pensions.
The oral hearing is likely to be some time in September.

This is the second major DWP dispute that has resulted in charges against a leading London and Socialist Caucus activist. The screens dispute saw Chris Ford charged.

Although Charlie has not been suspended, it seems likely that ultimately management would like to be rid of him.

It is no surprise that management with government support would want to get rid of any activist, since they plan in the next few years to shed almost 100,000 civil service jobs.

The union as a whole has given full backing for a ballot for strike action in Charlie's office (DWP Stratford). The timing of the ballot is now being discussed locally.

Charlie has received great support from London civil service trade unionists.

During the two-day DWP pay strike, 29-30 June, they organised a lunchtime rally at Charlie's office to support him. 150 people turned up. 50 stayed on into the afternoon on the picket line, and made so much noise that managers "besieged" inside the office called the police. They thought the protests were about to storm the office!

Management cannot be allowed to get away with victimisations of union activists.

Please send messages of support c/o Charlie MacDonald, 84 Orford Road, London E17 9QL.

And invite Charlie to address your trade union meeting - phone Tony Reay on 07952 981908.

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