Stop Zimbabwe deportations!

Submitted by AWL on 21 July, 2005 - 6:48

On 14 July, the campaign by over a hundred Zimbabwean asylum-seekers who had gone on hunger strike, plus their supporters, won a victory.

The Government has promised not to deport any "failed asylum seekers" to Zimbabwe before 4 August. On that day an appeal is due to be heard in the High Court against the Government's refusal to admit that the risks of harassment, injury, or murder by Robert Mugabe's police which people would face on being deported to Zimbabwe can be valid grounds for a fresh claim for asylum.

Determined campaigning can win. But the respite is only brief. Zimbabweans and their friends and supporters will be demonstrating outside the High Court, in the Strand, from 9.30am on Tuesday 4 August.

Meanwhile other asylum-seekers from Africa are still at risk of deportation. Nyalikonga Babinyanga, a 33 year old law student from Kinshasa who is suffering from severe post-traumatic stress, has been refused asylum and is making a new appeal on 9 August.


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